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About Me

My name is Anneke. I am an unschooling momma of two girls.

The Great Canadian Adventure is a journey I embarked on with my daughters many years ago. We fell in love with it, and I have been inviting families across the country to join us ever since. 


TGCA is a series of educational kits that provide a framework for learning that I believe every child deserves. My goal with the geography series is for kids to develop an understanding of how people react to and live within their environment. My goal with the history series is to help them understand what happens when people, economics, and politics collide.

My hope is that the material is flexible enough to allow you to use it in whatever way suits your family best - either as a tool to engage, or as a jumping off point for further learning.

​If you find something inspiring, exciting, and engaging in these pages, I hope that you will join the great adventure of learning with us. 


British Columbia Geography
New Brunswick Geography
Nova Scotia Geography


High context learning is when learning tools help students make connections between topics so they aren't viewed in isolation.

Geography is a high context subject. It takes earth sciences (for example the rock cycle), connects it to life science (fossils and dinosaurs) and physical sciences (viscosity and pipelines for oil).

These topics are then also linked with map work to show how geography impacts economic activity (transportation and revenue generation). History is included when we look at how human settlements develop around economies and the use of natural resources over time.

Canadian History for Homeschoolers

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