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  • What subscription packages are offered through The Great Canadian Adventure?
    We offer three subscription adventures: Tiny Travelers: 12 activity books for children ages 5-7 focusing on literacy, numeracy and geographic awareness. The Great Canadian Geography Adventure: 12 activity books and key supplies for children ages 7-12, with a focus on Canadian Geography. The Great Canadian History Adventure: 12 sheet sets to create your own Smashbook of Canadian history for children ages 8+. Each series covers the ten provinces and the three territories of Canada (Nunavut & the Northwest Territories are combined)
  • How much is shipping?
    There are no additional shipping costs. Shipping is included in the price.
  • How soon after I place my order will my adventure begin?
    We make our best efforts to ship orders twice a month - typically around the 15th and 30th of each month. Subscriptions are shipped once a month by the 30th.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Only monthly subscription orders can be cancelled, and only if cancellation occurs before renewal. We are unable to refund boxed sets or accept their return.
  • Is your curriculum written in consultation with First Nations people?
    Our curriculum deals primarily with European colonization of Canada, however, we do include some information about one cultural group per province to provide context for how history played out. For example, in Saskatchewan we introduce the Cree, in Manitoba we discuss Mennonites and the Metis, in Nova Scotia the Mi’kmaq, in New Brunswick the Acadians and Wolastoqiyik, and in British Columbia the Chinese and the Pacific Northwest people. Our Yukon Territory history set looks at how and why the First People groups crossed the land bridge (or possibly sailed along the pacific coast) and came to settle in North America. Here we take a broader look at how and where the different culture groups settled and survived before European colonization. The Great Canadian Adventure believes it is best to learn a people's culture and history from the people themselves and to that purpose we offer a reading list that includes Indigenous authors in our curriculum guide. The information we did include in the history sets are drawn from what nations have made public about themsevles or what the Government of Canada has published as historic record.
  • Do I need more than one boxed set if I have more than one child in the same age range?
    The hands-on activities in our geography series can be done in a *small group setting, however the books do contain a few activity pages which, if you are able, can be copied for multiple children. *two to three children willing to share supplies
  • Why is there a price difference between the boxed set and the subscription?
    Subscriptions incur extra shipping costs.
  • Can I order through my school board using a purchase order number?
    Yes, for sure. We are registered as vendors with many boards in Canada. Just send us an email or message with your order, your school board contact details, and shipping address, and we will send your board an invoice for payment. PO orders takes a few weeks to process, depending on your board's payment protocols. We have an online submission form here:
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