We start our adventure in Tropical Africa where we learn about how different map projections might affect our view of the world. We discover how deserts and tropical forests are formed and what the Köppen climate classification system tells us. From there we study the difference between developed and developing countries and the infrastructure that supports the human development index.
We explore what ethnicity is and how people groups are classified today and after learning about the primal religions that are being practiced in Africa, we take a look at the energy pyramid as it applies to the African savannahs.  

Textbook topics include: 

  • Gall-Peters vs Mercator Map Projections
  • What is Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • Climate of Africa
  • Equatorial Africa
  • Africa's River Systems
  • Infrastructure
    • Transportation
    • Telecommunication
    • Energy
    • Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Ethnicities in Africa
  • Primal Religions of Africa
  • The Africa Savannas
  • The Energy Pyramid
  • Savannah Foodweb
    • Producers
    • Consumers
    • Decomposers
  • Symbiosis


We recommend: GeoToys — GeoPuzzle Africa and The Middle East


This portfolio will ask learners to consider, research and discuss various questions relating to the topics in the textbooks through: 

  • Questions
  • Research tasks 
  • Practice maps
  • News articles 
  • Assignment to report on and presentation a topic of the learners' choice for which we have included an assessment matrix. 


*Bonus: Reading list of at least 50 novels related to this region.  


Tropical Africa

  • You will receive the following key supplies:

    • One 54 page full colour booklet
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