In South Asia we see how climate and location can affect our lives. We learn about India and how Hinduism affects every aspect of life in South Asia. We also look at India's economic and social challenges, like poverty.  From there we discover the Highland climate zone of Nepal, Buthan and its Buddhism and take a quick look at the Muslim nations in South Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

Textbook topics include: 

  • South Asia Mountains
  • South Asia Rivers
  • India
    • Humid Subtropical Climate
  • Monsoons
  • Hinduism
    • Reincarnation & Karma
    • The Caste System
    • Sadhu's
    • Perfoming Puja
    • Hindu Festivals
  • India's Economy
  • Poverty
  • Begging in India
  • Railways in India
  • Nepal
    • Highland Climate Zones
    • Temperate & Subtropical Climate Zones
  • Buthan
    • Tsechu
  • Buddhism
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan & Bangladesh
  • Maldives


We recommend: GeoToys - Geopuzzle Asia


The portfolio will ask learners to consider, research and discuss various questions relating to the topics in the textbooks through: 

  • Questions
  • Research tasks 
  • Practice maps
  • News articles 
  • Assignment to report on and presentation a topic of the learners' choice for which we have included an assessment matrix. 


*Bonus: Reading list of at least 50 novels related to this region.  


South Asia


    • One 64 page full colour booklet
    • One 50 page portfolio
    • 1x 11x17" Topographic Map of Southern Asia
    • 1x 11x17" Political Map of Southern Asia
    • 1x 11x17" People of Southern Asia Poster
    • 1x 11x17" Animals of Southern Asia Posters
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