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Canadian Cryptids, Myths & Monsters is collection of all the scariest stories from Canadian folklore explained in the context of mythology. It introduces learners to the complexity of human thought and emotions, and introduces mythology as a language that developed in humanity to help explain the unknowable. The book is not a pseudo-scientific explanation of the existence of monsters, but rather explores these monster myths as a psychological reality people had to come to terms with. The book is a compilation of eerie but fun stories featuring Canadian cryptids and monsters. Each story is followed by a short exploration of why or how the particular myth emerged, followed by a few reflexive questions that can be discussed. We advise parental guidance because this book will not be appropriate for children who do not enjoy scary stories or are disturbed by illustrated images of monsters, blood, or death. Please view the sample book before purchasing for your children. We have uploaded the whole book for this purpose.

Monsters are grouped together into topics, and each grouping is concluded with a discussion of the origins of these mythological creatures.
Discussion Topics Include:
1. Monsters of Loss (Kraken, Inupsasugjuk, Qalupalik, Sluagh, Frightful Fae
2. Monsters of Warning (Agropelter, Gaasyendietha, Mannegishi, Sirens, Pukwudgie, Amarok Sasquatch, Manipogo)
3. Monsters We Can Become (St Louis Ghost Train, Northumberland Ghostship, Wendigo, The Bride of Banff, Gibraltar Ghost, Ladyin Blue, Loup Garou

*Please note that the images used are graphic, the stories are scary and it is not suitable for sensitive readers.

Canadian Cryptids, Myths & Monsters

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