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When the fur trade came to the western coast of Canada, it was not at the hands of Britain and France. It was the Russians that made the first journey and built a trade economy along the Pacific Northwest coast. Eventually, Britain made their claim by means of Captain Cook and occupied the territory. When gold was discovered in the Fraser River, it drew the interest of settlers from both America and even the far east. China’s bloodiest civil war led many to leave their homes in the hopes of settling in the new world at the time. However, we will learn that despite the sacrifices these immigrants made in building the railroad, they received a cool welcome and were often despised by others because they were different.

Digital British Columbia History

  • 54 Pages to Smash!

    Topics include: 

    • Peoples of the Pacific Northwest 
    • To Russia with Fur
    • The Spanish Claim & The British Move In
    • Gold Rush 
    • A Railway to Unity
    • The Qing Dynasty
    • The Head Tax
    • The British Columbia Coat of Arms
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