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Once the Europeans arrived the only thing that created more conflict than resources were religion. French Catholics who retained the right to remain in Canada after the Seven Years’ War suddenly found themselves in a predicament of faith. They were now ruled by a Protestant king. In this module we learn more about the complexities that arose from the Treaty of Paris in 1763 and how the peace it brought triggered another war.   

Digital Quebec History

  • 53 Pages to Smash!

    Topics include: 

    • Catholic & Protestant
    • The Jesuits Come to Evangelize
    • Trade Economics
    • The Politics
    • Cost of the Fur Trade
    • The Haudenosaunee
    • The Beaver Wars
    • Jacques Cartier Lands in the Gaspe
    • European Diseases
    • The Seven Years’ War
    • The Royal Proclamation
    • The American Revolution
    • The Rebellions
    • The Quebec Coat of Arms
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