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You will receive: 

1x 44 page Explore Nunavut & Northwest Territories PDF booklet 

Topics for this book include: 

  • Latitude Lines
  • Reason for the Season
  • Biomes
  • Global Air Circulation 
  • Vertebrates
  • Toothed vs Baleen Whales
  • Arctic Adaptation
  • Insulation 
  • Arctic Winter Games


In order to complete the activities in this book you will need the following supplies: 

    1x globe

    2x thermometer strips (fish tank)

    1x liquid dropper

    1x carving set / blunt knives for carving

    A desk lamp with an incandescent bulb

    Red and blue food colouring

    30m_ measuring tape with a locking feature, sidewalk chalk or spray

    Coffee cans or containers with a lid that can hold a smaller container, a timer

    A bar (or more) of soap

    Fruit (strawberries or blueberries), honey, lemon juice, blender, silicone baking sheet

    *Please note that one of the experiments in this book assumes that you have the inflatable globe that comes with Quebec geography set. 

    Explore Nunavut & NWT

    • You will need a PDF reader to view this file. 

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