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Topics include: 


  • Latitude & Longitude Lines
  • Time zones
  • Grid Mapping
  • Saskatchewan Land Survey System
  • Sedimentation & Sedimentary Rock
  • The Prairie
  • Saskatchewan Potash 
  • Clouds and Thunderstorms
  • Transportation 
  • Boreal Forests
  • Bird-finding 
  • Ecozones

Explore Saskatchewan

SKU: 54657777
  • You will receive a 36 page full-colour booklet with the following supplies: 

    • 1x pack of googly eyes
    • 4x dice & 1x game piece
    • 1x 11x17" cloud formation background poster
    • 1x 11x17" poster of the backyard birds of Canada
    • 1x letter sized, 23 page, birdwatching journal 
    • Removable 8.5x11" posters and practice maps
  • Ships on the 30th of the month.
    Shipping within Canada is free. 
    Provincial taxes will be added in the cart. 

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