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In the history of Manitoba we learn about the profound effect the fur trade had on the culture and economy of Canada. As the climate towards the interior was more severe, Europeans were more and more dependent on Indigenous expertise to survive and source furs. These collaborations often resulted in marriages and children. As trade moved west, there was great concern that land not claimed by Canada, would be annexed by the Americans. Settlers were needed – and quickly. Canada was eager to receive as many of the toughest farmers the world could offer and made large tracts of land available for cheap.   

    Digital Manitoba History

    • 55 Pages to Smash!

      Topics include: 

      • Anabaptist Persecutions
      • Pacifists, Prairie Farmers & Reserve Life
      • From Fishing to Fur
      • Fur Trade Canoes
      • The Coureur de Bois
      • The Métis
      • The Red River Settlement
      • The Red River Resistance / Rebellion
      • Agricultural Expansion 
      • The Manitoba Coat of Arms   
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