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We start by learning about the unique tools and strategies the Mi'kmaq used to thrive in the Maritimes. We also look at how alliances were chosen and honoured with the arrival of the French and the British.


These pages set the stage for battles between the French and the British over the new world. We can see the conflict build as the empires battle for dominance and how the political upheavals in Europe and a scramble for resources push all the stakeholders towards war. We see how tensions culminate in the Great Expulsion of the Acadians and how, after the war, new alliances were struck between the British and the Mi'kmaq.

Digital Nova Scotia History

  • 55 Pages to Smash!

    Topics include:

    • The Mi’kmaq of the Maritimes
    • We Live by the Cycle of Our Land
    • The Mi’kmaq and the French
    • French Settlement of Acadia
    • British Settlement of Nova Scotia
    • The Acadians
    • The Great Expulsion
    • The Seven Years War
    • The Battle for Louisbourg
    • The Mi’kmaq make peace with the British
    • The Nova Scotia Coat of Arms
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