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Whether it was considered a goldmine of whale-oil, a blockade to the Silk Road or simply a home, the Arctic has always been respected as one of the most dangerous places on Earth. The people who thrive there have adapted to their environment beyond what many of us can comprehend and wise explorers heeded their advice.


In this module we learn about the food culture of the Inuit, whaling in the Arctic and how the Northwest Passage resulted in the deaths of numerous sailors who attempted the journey through the Arctic ocean until one succeeded.

    Digital Nunavut & Northwest Territories History

    • 46 Pages to Smash!

      Topics include: 

      • Survival of the Adaptable
      • The Inuit
      • We Don’t Eat What You Eat
      • Sharing Food in Inuit Culture
      • Ice Fishing
      • The Northwest Passage
      • Whaling in the Arctic
      • Fur Trade, Resettlement & Confederation
      • The Nunavut and Northwest Territories Coat of Arms
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