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Nanuq lives in the Northwest Territories of Canada and he can't wait to show us around. We help a polar bear mother find her cub and learn about the plants and animals that survive in the Arctic during winter and summer. We learn how blubber protects Arctic mammals from the cold and learn more about how different the foods are that Nanuq's family eats than our own. N is for Narwhal in the Arctic and we build a shelter from snow. We go ice fishing with Nanuq's friends and practice writing numbers as we count the animals. 

Nunavut & Northwest Territories Tiny Travellers

  • You will receive: 

    • 22 page booklet
    • 2x sticker pages
    • 1x laminated paper doll of Nanuq to dress and play with 
  • Orders close on the 24th of the month.
    Ships on the 30th of the month.
    Shipping within Canada is free. 
    Provincial taxes will be added in the cart. 

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