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With the history of Ontario, we investigate how and why people of different cultures are moved to action. We learn that some choose to move away from slavery and towards freedom, others are forced to move from freedom and are placed in a form of captivity. We see how different groups of people can either work together towards a common goal or separate themselves from others politically. We learn that while movement is sometimes necessary, it cannot always be achieved with peace and that it often requires great sacrifice.

    Ontario History

    • 55 Pages to Smash!

      Topics include: 

      • The Underground Railroad
      • The Anishinaabeg
      • Residential Schools
      • Early Settlement, the Treaty of Paris
      • The Intolerable Acts
      • Slavery and the Revolution
      • How the American Revolution Affected Canada
      • The War of 1812
      • Political Patronage
      • Immigration & The Rebellions
      • The Ontario Coat of Arms   
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