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The desire of the British empire to expand aside, there were people within its kingdom that were suffering. Many were intrigued by the possibility of a starting a new life in a new world, hoping that the troubles they faced in their homeland would be left behind. However, as they settled into their new lives, they discovered that the problems they fled and followed them to Prince Edward Island. 

    Digital Prince Edward Island History

    • 55 Pages to Smash!

      Topics include: 

      • Highland Heritage 
      • Early Settlement of PEI
      • The Great Expulsion and the Highland Clearances
      • Security of Tenure
      • Land, Confederation & the RailwayImmigration 
      • Fox Farming
      • The Mi’kmaq Creation Story 
      • The Hearthbeat of Mother Earth
      • The Prince Edward Island Coat of Arms   
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