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My aim behind creating Purposeful Copywork was centered around an attempt to encourage my children to engage with fabulous and useful pieces of classic literature … and I mean really engage!


This book is meant to be used as creatively as possible! The opportunities for artwork encourage children to engage with the text creatively and brings a personal touch to these learning tools.  In Frankenstein the artwork focuses on the emotional, the symbolic, and the strange. It is a very dark book, and the choice of images and quotes included are my attempt to draw out the main themes and get the students emotionally invested in the story.


The copywork does not follow a chapter-by-chapter schedule, I encourage you to read the story with your child or listen to a chapter in the audiobook before interacting with the writing and artwork.    


This book is 440 pages. 
There are 70+copy and art projects in this book. 

Purposeful Copywork: Frankenstein

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