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There comes a point in history where we all wonder: "What gave them the right?" This is the question we explore in the history of Saskatchewan. By the time European settlement reached Saskatchewan the survival of Plains People was under huge pressure. The great buffalo herds that sustained them were disappearing fast and settlers came in their hundreds settling their territories as farmland. Many First Nations believed that the Numbered Treaties was an arm of help and support offered by the queen, but soon after they were signed representatives of the Canadian government began restricting their movement and implemented crippling limitations on their ability to farm successfully. As their situation turned desperate, some took the only step available to them – resistance.

Note: This module includes topics like starvation, the Frog Lake massacre and the execution of Louis Riel. Parental guidance is advised. Age restriction 9.




Saskatchewan History

  • 56 Pages to Smash!

    Topics include: 

    • The Teepee
    • Life on the Plains
    • The North West Mounted Police
    • The Battle of Little Big Horn
    • The Doctrine of Discovery, Terra Nullius & Ancestral Land
    • The Numbered Treaties
    • First Nation Farmers
    • The North-West Rebellion/Resistance
    • The Peasant Policy & The Pass System
    • The Saskatchewan Coat of Arms
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