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The Great War Volume 2 is a smashbook (scrapbooking) that covers the period between 1915 and the end of the war in 1918. We will learn about the various technological advancements, America joining the war, conscriptions, as well as how the war ended.  


VOLUME 2 includes the following topics:  


The Dawn of Air Combat                                                                               
Flying Aces                                                                                           
Horror on the Battlefields                                                                       

Dulce et Decorum Est (Poem)                                               
Battle of Gallipoli 
Animals of WWI 
Out With the Old 
The Women of WW1 


Propaganda During WWI 
British Pals Battalions 
War At Sea 
Battle of Jutland 
Explosions New & Old 
Shell Shock 
Battle of Verdun 
Birth of the Tank 
Battle of the Somme 


America Declares War on Germany
Canadian Conscription 
Battle of Caporetto
Battle of Passchendaele 
Battle of Cambrai 

German Offensive 
Hundred Days Offensive 

Anthem for Doomed Youth (Poem) 
Quiet on the Western Front 
Why the World Ended With an Armistice 
The Treaty of Versailles 
The League of Nations 

In Flanders Fields  (Poem) 

The Great War Vol 2 PDF

  • You will receive a 57 page PDF file that you can print at home.
    You can cut, organize and paste the text and images of these pages into a journal or binder. This binder can be expanded on with photos, research and any other additional resources you may choose to use. 

  • Provincial taxes will be added in the cart. 

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