In Western Asia our goal is to see how religion can affect both politics and culture. We discover the beauty and reverence of Islamdom and study the four cultures that have settled the region: Arab, Iranian, Turkic and Israeli, learning a little about the history of each and how they live together today.

Textbook topics include: 

  • Mountains in Western Asia
  • Rivers in Western Asia
  • Biomes & Climate
  • Sandstorms
  • Oil in the Middle East
  • OPEC
  • Islamdom 
    • Sharia
    • Islamic Dress
    • Sharia & Food
    • Islamic Festivals
    • Understanding Extremism
  • The Arab World & the Arab League
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Places of Worship
    • Mosques
    • Synagogues

We recommend: GeoToys — GeoPuzzle Africa and The Middle East


The portfolio will ask learners to consider, research and discuss various questions relating to the topics in the textbooks through: 

  • Questions
  • Research tasks 
  • Practice maps
  • News articles 
  • Assignment to report on and presentation a topic of the learners' choice for which we have included an assessment matrix. 


*Bonus: Reading list of at least 50 novels related to this region.  


Please download for better viewing:

Western Asia: Digital


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