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In the history of the Yukon we go back to a time long before European contact. We start with the last ice age when Stone Age people followed the great mammoths over the Bering land bridge to a new land and settled here. Driven by climate change these First People adapted to the areas they settled in and develop their own unique cultures, tools and trade routes.

    Yukon Territory History

    • 53 Pages to Smash!

      Topics include: 

      • What is Archeology?
      • The Last Ice Age & Megafauna
      • Humans & Technology
      • The Stone Age
      • Clovis Culture
      • Early Archaic Culture
      • Late Archaic CUlture & Old Copper Complex
      • Woodland Culture
      • Dorset Culture
      • Thule Culture
      • The Dene 
      • The Yukon Territory Coat of Arms  

      BONUS: An pre-contact map of Canada!

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