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Emma will meet us in Alberta and we'll have lots of fun on her ranch building topographic maps with clay, observe how water and seeds can break rocks, and see how warm and cold air behaves. We'll dig for fossils in the Badlands and learn about how crude oil is formed. V is for viscosity when we test different substances for science and we build a solar oven to test the power in the sun. We'll practice sorting cattle with the cowboys and decorate teepees with the Plains People.  

Alberta Tiny Travellers

  • You will receive: 

    • 22 page booklet
    • 1x sticker sheet
    • 1x laminated paper doll of Emma
    • 1x paper straw
    • 1x dinosaur toy 
  • Orders close on the 24th of the month.
    Ships on the 30th of the month.
    Shipping within Canada is free. 
    Provincial taxes will be added in the cart. 

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