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by Anneke van der Merwe, Tom PaHlow, & SARAH KUNTZ

The Great Life Adventure approaches mythology as psychological and philosophical in nature. Our goal is to legitimize myth as an important part our daily lives and the extraction of meaning as a critically important skill for a thriving life.

Our first book, Canadian Cryptids, Myths, and Monsters is collection of all the scariest stories from Canadian folklore explained in the context of mythology. It introduces learners to the complexity of human thought and emotions, and introduces mythology as a language that developed in humanity to help explain the unknowable. The book is not a pseudo-scientific explanation of the existence of monsters, but rather explores these monster myths as a psychological reality people had to come to terms with. 

NOTE TO PARENTS: These tools make use of YouTube for learning purposes and we advise the purchase of YouTube premium so that learners may be saved from
the onslaught of online advertising and wasting time. 

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