In the China and North Korea guide we delve into the two cultures, both holding communism as their foundation. We learn about how societal systems affect economic strategies and we look more closely at the religions that shaped Chinese culture. 


Topics for learning about China include: 

  • Mountain ranges, Rivers & Climates 
  • Border Disputes
  • Societal and Political Systems
  • The Communist Part of China
  • Raising People for the Party 
  • Censorship and Human Rights Violations
  • China's Economy 
  • Trade Economics
  • Population Control 
  • Pollution
  • Green Energy 
  • Religion
  • Festivals


Topics for learning about North Korea include:

  •  The Cult of Personality 
  • Political Sytem and Economy of North Korea
  • Military Service and Police 


The portfolio will ask learners to consider, research and discuss various questions relating to the topics in the textbooks through: 

  • Questions
  • Research tasks 
  • Practice maps
  • News articles 
  • Assignment to report on and presentation a topic of the learners' choice for which we have included an assessment matrix. 


China & North Korea

    • One 64 page full colour booklet
    • One 60 page portfolio
    • 1x 11x17" Map of China
    • 1x 11x17" People of China
    • 1x 11x17" Animals of China
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