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Our Home Economics & Consumer Science series are tools that challenge young minds to develop life skills. They are practical, hands-on, and will require learners to do their own research, visit stores, draw up budgets, and reflect on their purchasing choices. 


These are month long studies that will culminate in the hosting of an event for which the learner must take responsibility. 


The series requires the learner to recruit a mentor that can advise them through the book's four assignments and evaluate their competence. It is highly advised that you provide the child with YouTube premium to save them from having to watch the online advertisements. 


Cozy Soup Night will cover the following topics: 

1. Being a host
2. Cleaning
     - Cleaning & Organising a Living Room 
3. Consumer Science
     - Perception, Attention & Interpretation
     - Eyeball Economics
4. Meal Preparation
     - Planning a meal: Researching soup and bread recipes, 
       then practice making them with the help of a mentor. 
     - Hosting a soup and bread games night within a strict budget 
5. Event Assessment & Review 

Cozy Soup Night

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