In Oceania we discover the island cultures that populate the Pacific Ocean. We learn about four different cultural areas - Australia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia and how the peoples in each area live their lives.

We explore how islands are formed, the Great Barrier Reef and take a peek at the animals that live in the Marianas Trench. This is also our opportunity to take a closer look at types of agriculture and the effect that tourism can have a nation's economy.

Textbook topics include: 

  • Island Types
  • Australia
    • Mountain Ranges in Australia
    • Bushfires
    • The Great Barrier Reef
    • Types of Coral Reef
    • Marsupials
    • Kangaroo Life Cycle
  • Aboriginal Oceanians
    • The Dreaming
    • The Didgeridoo & Boomerangs
  • Polynesia
    • Polynesian People
    • Fishing & Gardening 
    • Mana
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Surfing
  • Micronesia
    • The Marianas Trench
    • Creatures From The Deep
  • Melanesia
    • Head-hunters of West Papua
  • Economy of Oceania
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism 


The portfolio will ask learners to consider, research and discuss various questions relating to the topics in the textbooks through: 

  • Questions
  • Research tasks 
  • Practice maps
  • News articles 
  • Assignment to report on and presentation a topic of the learners' choice for which we have included an assessment matrix. 


*Bonus: Reading list of at least 50 novels related to this region.  



    • One 64 page full colour booklet
    • One 60 page portfolio
    • 1x 11x17" Map of Oceania
    • 1x 11x17" People of Oceania
    • 1x 11x17" Animals of Oceania
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