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Our Central & Northern Asia book looks at a region that very few westerners really know anything about. When I started working on the content for the book, I realized the historic and political significance of the region, and that is why it became one of the first books I completed.

I decided to separate Western Russia from Northern Asia and the Central Steppes for the World Series. While the USSR played an enormous role in these countries' history and present, the cultures vary significantly and we wanted to give each region its due.


Our Central Asia book covers the history of the Central Steppes including the Hun, the Mongols, the Silk Roads and those countries in Central Asia that many of us Westerners know so little about including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. While we don't look at the USSR in depth yet, we do look at  how its financial policies affected the Central Asian countries and Caucasus, and how it affects them still after its disintegration. 


This book was created with the help of a graduate of World Politics and Global Diplomacy from Uzbekistan as well a Russian business consultant. 

Topics include: 
The Siberian Tundra including: 

  • Siberia
  • Russia's Far East
  • North Asian People groups
  • Tengeriism. 

The Central Steppes including: 

  • Central Asian History 
    • Horse Culture
    • The Barbarians
    • The Huns
    • Genghis Khan
    • The Silk Road
    • The Mongol Empire
    • Amir Temur
    • Babur the Mughal
    • The Mongol People
  • The Stans
    • The Turkic People
    • Soviet Central Asia
    • The Economic Problem
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Uzbekistan
    • Tajikistan
    • Turkmenistan
    • Central Asian Scholars
  • The Caucasus
    • Georgia
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan 

Understanding North & Central Asia

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